The Australian lingerie retailer is pushing into the leisurewear space.

"The initial discussion on collaborating sparked inspiration for us."

This move follows a 75% increase in international buyers.

International competition and reduced margins are starting to take their toll.

It has enlisted Akira, Sass & Bide and Nicola Finetti for a showcase in Sydney first.

The experiential marketing campaign spans cars, social media and a $338 bracelet.

There is a reason 295,397 individual fashion items were purchased for this four-day period.

The department store has issued an official statement on a spectacular share raid.

Australian retailers are "unfazed" by the disruptive potential of Amazon.

"Clearly this is a very disappointing first half result for the group."

"Australian retailers are under increasing threat, especially with online competitors like Amazon."

The group has acquired a 30% stake in an Australian lifestyle accessories brand.

The new partners have been responsible for the design of iconic Melbourne sites such as AAMI Park stadium.

Many clothing retailers have struggled to adapt to this change.

Hint: Turkish denim partner Orta Andadolu is involved.