Although many would consider TV shopping an old-fashioned way of shopping, new statistics from TV Shopping Network show that the channel is still experiencing growth. 

Currently housing 668 local and international brands including fashion labels Sacha Drake, Silk Islands and Diane Gilman TVSN has maintained growth in a highly disrupted fashion market. 

In the past seven years the channel has doubled its sales and sees its average customer spend over $1,200 every year. 

Each month TVSN sees seven to eight million unique visitors visit its website, while each week the business fields over 12,000 calls.

According to the channel it sees 55% of sales come from the online stream, while 45% of sales still come from the live channel.

TVSN GM Judy Deuchar credits the continuing success of the business to four key factors. 

"Only partnering with premium brands [is key]. Many brands don’t consider using a channel such as TVSN to promote their products. 

"Backing an untraditional target audience [is also important]. Where most brands invest heavily to appealing to Millennials, TVSN has found success in consistently marketing to the wealthy/strong female 40+ audience.

"Despite being around for decades, we pride [ourselves] on innovation, including launching an interactive voice response (IVR) system which was a first of its kind in Australia for sales/retail.

"[We] also just launched Live Facebook Q and A’s with brand owners and live streaming on the web for selected shows a day on 1 August this year. In the first week [we] saw page views increase by 22%, followers up 45% and video watch time increase by 132%.

"[Finally] building a sense of community with the audience is crucial. [This] is achieved at TVSN through talented presenters on air completely unscripted and unrehearsed every time. 

"I am so proud to be part of leading TVSN as the brand and community continues to grow.

"There is no doubt the retail world can be tricky, however by staying true to our company and team values, we have continued to build the brand to be bigger and better than ever before," she said. 

TVSN began broadcasting in 1995 from Lane Cove in Sydney. 

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