A runway show in a store during COVID? 

Seems unlikely. 

Yet, the Sass & Bide Oxford St store has undergone an upgrade, allowing it to do just that...digitally. 

The label has turned its storefront window into an opportunity to showcase its content and live streams to passers-by and potential customers. 

The tech works via a patented film that can be applied to any window and a projector linked up to a content management system. 

Retailers can then project their campaign content or real-time runway shows onto the window to give the foot traffic an experience of the brand as they pass by the store. 

Despite the negative impact COVID has had on foot traffic into bricks-and-mortar stores, Sass & Bide chief operating officer Adrian Gribbin said that the business invested in this technology to keep up with the ever-changing retail landscape.  

"We’re excited to announce the world’s first dynamic fully transparent digital windows in our Paddington boutique.

"The innovative digital window technology allows us to showcase our new collections on a vibrant store-front billboard that disappears completely when not in use.

"This innovative and clever clear-screen application, combined with the ability to serve and switch out content in real-time proves to be a great asset in the current everchanging retail landscape and gives the customers a new and exciting experience," he said. 

Engineered by an Auistralian tech company, the solution was launched during COVID when its usual business - repurposing end-of-lease furniture for pop-ups - was on hold. 

Co-founder and CEO Kim Hoang said that the solution was originally designed with waste-reduction in mind. 

"We always knew we had to develop a more innovative digital and signage solution for pop-ups and as we were looking at months and months of zero income, we started exploring other business opportunities.

"We discovered through this research, a unique digital solution that could help eliminate the use of disposable decals and signages as these also ultimately end up in landfills.

"This was where we started with the technology, but as all good businesses do, we pivoted, and we realised we had a solution that could not only reduce landfill, it could revolutionise how we use windows, glass and displays.

"Our solution allows bricks and mortar stores to fully utilise their storefront windows with their existing digital content without the need to block their windows, as a traditional TV screen often does.

"Imagine showing your live catwalk show in Paris onto your store windows in Paddington!

"When the solution is not on, the window is fully transparent again, so shoppers can see through into your store," he said. 

Since teaming up with Sass & Bide, the business is in talks with brands from the US, UK, Germany, UAE, India, and New Zealand, as well as other key Australian retailers. 


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