• Ryan Gracie - MyDeal CMO
    Ryan Gracie - MyDeal CMO

MyDeal has revealed the power of its app, ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. 

CMO Ryan Gracie told Ragtrader that in the first nine weeks following the launch of the native iOS and Android apps in May, 60,000 shoppers had installed the app. 

By the end of October, the app had clocked more than 200,000 downloads and accounts for more than 13% of total sales. 

"In order to provide customers with an optimal experience, having an app is an essential platform for any serious online retailer," Gracie said. 

"It's made the MyDeal shopping experience even easier, and as a result we've seen customers who use the app convert at a higher rate and have a higher lifetime value," he said. 

Gracie added that the eTailer will use the app to communicate the best deals to customers across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.  

"With increased demand and tight supply, it’s important customers know about the best deals as early as possible.

"The app allows us to communicate with customers quickly and effectively.

"The app is also the best shopping experience, so we will be pushing customers to it through the use of incentives," he said. 

MyDeal will continue to run its on app acquisition campaign throughout the sales period, which also focuses on offering incentives to customers, Gracie explained. 

"We have an always on app acquisition campaign where we offer customers an incentive off their first app purchase, we also run a campaign post transaction that encourages customers to download the app, also using an incentive," he said. 

Gracie was appointed as CMO of MyDeal in May 2021.


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