PAS Group brand Review is set to launch a limited-edition collaboration collection in partnership with Melbourne-based artist David Bromley. 

The partnership, the first of its kind for both Review and Bromley, will feature a series of Bromley's prints across key Review styles. 

The collection will span 60 pieces and will include dresses, tops, skirts, knitwear, shoes and accessories. 

To launch the collection, Review has called upon former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Molly Rogers to front the campaign. 

Review GM Clare Hurley said she was pleased to see the brand, Bromley's work and Rogers come together to launch the range.

"This collaboration is a fabulous opportunity for Australian women to connect or, in many cases, reconnect with Review through one of Australia’s most celebrated and recognised artists.

"David’s artwork unearths flowing fabrications, bold prints, brilliant hues and flattering silhouettes to herald in the warmer months ahead. 

"We’re delighted to have collaborated with Olivia Molly Rogers on this exciting project. Her fabulous personality, warmth and style embodies the spirit of Review and makes her the perfect ambassador for this partnership.

"For me, this collection is a fun breath of fresh air and transcends the go-to wardrobe choices we’ve been making over the past few months.

"The bold prints, filled with fruits, butterflies and contemporary florals can’t help but make you smile and we’re so excited to launch this collection to customers," she said. 

Working collaboratively with Review, David and partner Yuge Bromley dived into the archive to find the best pieces to be transformed into fashion pieces. 

Additionally, Bromley also created artworks bespoke to the collaboration, including never-before-seen floral, butterfly and fruit designs. 

Speaking on the collection, Bromley said that he was thrilled to see his pieces turned into wearable art. 

"I’ve always been so interested in and involved with fashion, as I believe that there is such a transformative quality to getting dressed up.

"This collaboration with Review which exudes I think, a feminine, playful and yet striking take on my artwork has been a delight to watch unfold.

"As the brand’s design DNA has melded with the unique paintings I’ve created for them through the pieces that form part of this collection, I’m excited to see them take on their next journey being worn and enjoyed as pieces of wearable art," he said. 

The Review x David Bromley collection will launch on October 18. 

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