Bardot is heading back to its roots, with a range of denim that’s designed and made locally in Melbourne.

The brand has relaunched as a pureplay online brand, following its collapse into voluntary administration last year. 

The repositioning has seen Bardot pivot away from large quantities and international manufacturing enmasse,with local production now a core focus. 

The 22-year-old brand has partnered with a Brunswick firm to produce its denim line. 

Bardot creative director Carol Skoufis confirmed the new range utilises the latest in water-saving technology and environmentally friendly practices. 

"Times are changing and the fashion industry needs to evolve with it.

"We need to get back to quality production and making clothes that will last, supporting our local market is essential in these challenging times."

The range features vintage-inspired styles such as high-waisted flares, featuring the brand's iconic Bardot embroidery. 

The first pieces from the new line, priced from $129.99- $189.99, arrive from early July.

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