PETA Australia has launched a petition to urge Australian brand Alexandra Australia to stop using fur in its collections. 

According to PETA, the petition garnered 7000 signatures in a week and comes after high-profile celebrity Billie Eilish changed Oscar de la Renta's fur policy by agreeing to wear the brand to the Met Gala if it stopped using fur - which it agreed to.

Speaking on the Alexandra Australia petition, PETA Campaigns Advisor Mimi Bekhechi said the time for the brand to stop using fur is now.

"The time for Alexandra Australia to catch up with the many world-class designers which have banned fur is embarrassingly overdue.

"PETA’s supporters and other kind shoppers agree that no jacket, vest, or shawl is worth keeping animals in filthy, crowded conditions and barbarically murdering them for their fur.

"No one is buying the ‘ethical fur’ myth, and Alexandra Australia shouldn’t be selling it," she said. 

According to Alexandra Australia's fur sourcing policy available on its website, the brand sources its fur with careful practices in place.

"Our fur is farmed/sourced mainly in China and some in Europe.

"It is carefully sourced following ethical guidelines that are in line with ethical trading as well as the welfare of animals.

"With significant advances in regulatory efforts towards the fur industry, it’s important to note that over 80% of all fur farms globally are guided by strict standards regarding ethical animal treatment and observation of wild and domesticated animal welfare.

"Like other livestock operations, fur farming is governed by local, national and sometimes international regulations," the brand continued. 

"As with all livestock producers, fur farmers receive information and assistance from licensed veterinarians and agricultural extension officers, as well as professional associations.

"In addition, fur breeders’ associations in all major producing countries follow comprehensive animal husbandry practices developed in cooperation with scientists, veterinarians and welfare authorities.

"There are set standards for nutrition and housing, veterinary care and humane harvesting," Alexandra Australia said in its policy. 

According to PETA, China has no penalties in place for "abusing animals on fur farms." 

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