• PeepToe: Sea Candy campaign, featuring blogger Stephanie Kramer.
    PeepToe: Sea Candy campaign, featuring blogger Stephanie Kramer.

Fashion footwear brand PeepToe has made a break away from tradition to step up its latest seasonal campaign.

The brand, for its latest summer campaign 'Sea Candy', has recruited for the first time an Australian fashion blogger, Stephanie Kramer from watermeloncrush.com, to represent the label and the season range.

Commenting on the development, PeepToe creative director and founder Nikki Hager said Kramer's involvement will also deliver an additional dimension to the campaign, by featuring Kramer's voice as well as her face.

According to Hager, the initiative ultimately aims to take the campaign beyond the pages of a look book and provide PeepToe customers with the opportunity to interact directly with the person fronting the campaign.

“Stephanie through watermeloncrush.com, will act as the official style commentator for the collection, commenting behind the scenes and styling the various Sea Candy product through outfit posts and guest blogging spots for PeepToe,” she said.

“Using Stephanie as the face of the campaign allowed an instant personality to be aligned with the collection. The fun and cheekiness of Stephanie’s character is on display throughout each shot, and images from the collection also play around with her online persona featuring iPhones and iPads to bring to life her background as a blogger.”

Hager also revealed that the Sea Candy collection, inspired by the flavour of candies and the colours of the reef, similarly, has been designed to open the door to a new "fantastical universe".

The shoes showcase pastels, metallic leathers and sleek shapes while the accessories follow statement style, featuring bright colours and bold shapes, such as coral cut outs and creatures of the sea.

The Sea Candy collection is available from this month, with product drops to continue through November and December 2012.

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