• VOODOO: Tempting censors.
    VOODOO: Tempting censors.
Will it pull its latest campaign? A Pacific Brands subsidiary with a history of run-ins with advertising watchdogs has had its fate determined.
Leading hosiery brand Voodoo, owned and operated by Pacific Brands Underwear Group, has previously come under fire for provocative ads, such as its Voodoo ‘man staircase’ ad in 2000 and winter opaques ad in 2002.
Its latest campaign 'Use Your Voodoo' has prompted a another wave of complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau, with one describing it as "offensive, pornographic and sexist".
Shot by internationally acclaimed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth in New York, the campaign features the legs of Australian model Alexandra Agoston and is plastered across street posters, billboards and bus backs.
"How much more sexist can this ad get? A woman with no head or body just her backside in your face which you can see up her mini skirt!," a complaint read.
In a separate case, another complainant also blasted the focus on Agoston's legs.
"One image in particular is supremely offensive. A female model (her face not visible) is kneeling or crawling while presenting her derriere upwards. This line invites us; I believe to "use our voodoo". An invitation of that kind in the context of the image I imagine can only relate to the female's sex or sexuality."
However, Pacific Brands was cleared of contravening the industry Code of Ethics in relating to the portrayal of sex, sexuality or nudity.
The Advertising Stands Board ruled the poses are "clearly" intended to show the stockings and are not overtly sexualised.
In its response, Pacific Brands stated the advertisement was intended as a visual metaphor for today's generation of young women taking over the city.
It also confirmed the images had been approved for point of sale collateral and in catalogues by major department stores.
"It should be noted that these are retailers with relatively traditional values and mass market publications, and there has been only positive response to the images."
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