Oxfam Australia has continued its push to get brands to sign onto the 2018 Bangladesh fire and safety accord after two brands who were previously singled out signed on to the new accord.

After being called out in a previous statement, Workwear Group and Licensing Essentials were announced as signatories to the new agreement.

Oxfam Australia CEO Helen Szoke said other popular brands were dragging their feet and needed to follow the example of the Workwear Group and Licensing Essentials before the 2013 accord expires this month.

“There is no room for complacency and absolutely no plausible excuses for failing to sign the new accord.

“With increased pressure for brands to be held to account on issues including transparency and the payment of living wages, the accord is one of the most basic responsibilities of brands in protecting the human rights of the women making our clothes.”

Oxfam also continued to name and shame a number of companies who had not signed onto either agreement with the Just Group, Best and Less, Myer, Fast Future and Country Road called out again.

Oxfam did clarify that some of the brands singled out were currently considering joining the new accord and called on them to do so urgently. The statement did not reveal which brands were considering becoming signatories.

Szoke said that companies who did not sign onto the accord ran the risk of failing to meet customer demands for worker safety.

“The fashion brands that have failed to sign the accord are falling behind the times and expectations of their customers, who have a right to be confident that the safety of workers has not been put in jeopardy for them to make our clothes.”

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