Australian denim brand One Teaspoon has expanded into the leisurewear market, launching One Teaspoon Sport (O.T.S).

The collection features bold prints, bright colours and matching sets and has been designed to cater to the demand for casual-luxurious clothing. 

One Teaspoon CEO Liz Roberts said the brand was thrilled to evolve into the leisurewear space. 

"I couldn't be more proud or excited to share this new chapter in the One Teaspoon story.

"It's the culmination of months, years of creation, development, testing and we now can share O.T.S with the world.

"After 21 years, this isn't a revolution but an evolution of our brand and our place in the market.

"The heartbeat of One Teaspoon has always been vitality, energy but we are headed in a more purposeful, socially conscious, health driven direction.

"It's what we like to call around here elevated grit - no nonsense, straight to the point, stylish yet playful," she said. 

Other key pieces in the range include the 'Commuter Crop Sweater', 'Kick Pants' and a 'String Logo Crop.'

"This new direction is really an evolution, almost a more pure distillation of what we've always endeavoured to do, so much so that this collection is in many ways the most true to the heart of One Teaspoon - clothing fit for purpose, designs that complement your life and not the other way round," Roberts said. 

"So much contemporary fashion seems to be driven by someone's desire to fit a square peg in a round hole, and particularly now after the last 18 months, it was so crucial that we created clothing that works in tandem with our lives, as we say fit for form and purpose," she said. 

O.T.S is available now and retails for between $39 and $189. 

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