Nimble Activewear has teamed up with Aussie furniture brand Koala to launch a limited-edition 'Move to Snooze' lounge set.

The set comes as Koala's 'Comfy As' sleep research found that as a nation, Australia has a sleep deficit of over 6 billion hours.

The study found that 54% of Aussies take longer than 15 minutes to fall asleep, while one in three take longer than 30 minutes.

This accumulative time adds up to hours of lost sleep each year.

To work to address this, Nimble and Koala teamed up to create the lounge/sleep set, Nimble activewear co-founder Katia Santilli said.

"Sleep and moving your body have such an intrinsically close relationship – the quality of one influences the quality of the other – and so we’re excited to partner with Koala to help Aussies sleep better.

"It was important that the 'Move To Snooze' set was not only ultra-comfortable and lightweight but also met the movement brief with a non-restrictive fabric to help people to step into a pre-bed ritual like a simple stretch to mentally switch off from the day.

"The set (which also happens to be the comfiest lounge set we’ve ever made!) will bring you those luxe lounge feels to promote ultimate relaxation – cue just the right balance of stretch and softness so you can stretch it out in ease, mentally switch off and stay cool," she said.

To celebrate the partnership, Koala is giving Aussies a chance to win the new mattress, when they purchase the full Move to Snooze set.

The Move to Snooze crew and pant are each priced at $99 and is available for purchase on the Nimble Activewear website.

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