Australia's $1.3 billion sporting goods market is about to be rocked.

"We are excited to announce the opening of two new stores in Melbourne."

The iconic Australian designer is now part of this $670 million project.

Australia is the only territory outside its global flagship store to offer this.

"All this suggests that Australian men’s clothing retailers need to catch up."

This is ahead of a major launch to 250,000 customers in August.

Millers is going head-to-head with the global jeweller.

Cotton On has paid out close to $250,000 to a former employee.

Gary Bigeni and Bonds found themselves in a cotton field.

The store has opened with 30,000 units of stock and over 15 product categories.

Yet another online pureplay brand heads into the bricks-and-mortar market.

"We are very excited for our first show in Sydney."

This premium item recorded a 67% sell through upon landing in stores.

A US apparel giant has made a $1.1 billion bid for the company.

“The internet has not been the salvation that direct to public designers were promised 5 years ago."