The new partners have been responsible for the design of iconic Melbourne sites such as AAMI Park stadium.

Many clothing retailers have struggled to adapt to this change.

Hint: Turkish denim partner Orta Andadolu is involved.

Australian retailers, manufacturers and importers sound off on what's causing them grief.

"In my 17-year leasing career, this number of store openings in the city in one month is unheard of."

New product development within halal sporting apparel has been relatively slow.

This costs businesses and residents $5 billion every year.

Younger shoppers have lost more than $150,000 in three months.

"As parents of kids who wear and love Pumpkin Patch we couldn’t just sit back and let the brand disappear."

A recent bill introduced by the opposition has drawn fire from the association.

The outdoor apparel retailer saw a 57.8% decrease in UK sales.

This is how it achieved 13.8% sales growth in six months.

Vicky Kordatou, Linda Levy and Nicole Naccarella have all been hunted.

Chinese visitors forked out $7.7 billion last year.

The brand expects 10 more stores by the end of 2018.