Ragtrader brings you the latest news in the Australian textile, garment and footwear sector.

Shopping centre gets high

A 2.5 metre bird cage?

David Jones drops bombshell

The news has even taken its new owners by surprise.

Industry moguls head down under

From London to New York, they've now got a say in the Australian market.

Factorie expands global footprint

It's heading to a lucrative international destination.

A national icon is back

Billabong has made a remarkable turnaround from a $234 million loss last year.

The axe swings

This clothing retailer is set to slash numbers at its head office by up to 10 per cent.

The gamble pays off

NEW BALANCE: Part of The Athlete's Foot profitable offering.

This is how a $203 million acquisition has paid off for a major footwear retail group.

Pandora announces partnership

Who's behind this collaborative new campaign?

The Red Cross needs you

The charity organisation is appealing to our industry for help.

ManiaMania expands creative direction

It's even poached a Hemingway to jump on board.

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