Australian department store Myer will be the first retailer outside of Levi's standalone stores to stock Levi's new connected trucker jacket in Australia. 

The Levi's Jacquard Trucker Jacket features in-built technology from Jacquard by Google which allows wearers to stay connected with a few hand gestures. 

The technology enables wearers to take photos, answer calls, control music, plan out their day, get information about their ETA to a destination and if they're ride sharing, they'll know who their driver is and when it will arrive. The jacket will also alert the wearer when they've left their phone behind. 

Wearers can access the jacket's functions through the cuff which houses the Jacquard Tag - a piece of tech that is smaller than a stick of chewing gum. 

The jacket's technology will also be able to be updated over time, meaning that it will get better and be able to do more with age. 

Levi Strauss and Co. VP of global product innovation Paul Dillinger said that the jacket has improved since it originally launched two years ago. 

"We’re excited to continue this journey with our partners at Google ATAP. 

"Two years after we first launched Jacquard the technology has become smaller and more discrete, more affordable and with more useful, but the premise and purpose remain the same: you can keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on the world around you, staying connected without being distracted," he said. 

The Levi's Jacquard Trucker Jacket is available now and comes in three styles and retails for $229.95.

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