"Most of your money is coming from a tiny portion of customers."

"I know you can be overwhelmed, sore, completely exhausted and daunted."

They haul in an average of $504,979, ahead of the UK and NZ.

"The role of the physical store is as important as ever."

One of them can tell you how to clear $300,000 worth of product in just 24 hours.

"I remember the same plea to retailers for a 'united approach' 35 years it finally possible?"

The head of digital reveals a brand new approach to global expansion.

Deloitte research forecasts a rise of 1.3% over the quarter as people cash in on their tax returns.

This is right down to the choice of whiskey bar carts.

"They are the ones who will drive a more inclusive and sustainable luxury industry."

This is the biggest redevelopment of the centre in 20 years.

The new research also shows that 57% of Aussie consumers choose products based on price.

The trade show organiser has launched a new platform to reach international markets.

“It gave us hope and a sense of comfort.”

There are big plans for the location on July 25.