The retailer has announced new plans for the Australian market.

"The agreement proposed by H&M stood to short change workers and strip important working conditions away."

"On launch day, we were the top performing country beating the UK, US and France."

David Jones has taken a sales hit following the loss of a key brand.

100% of profits from the initiative will go toward the fight.

"The combination of revenue and enterprise growth will drive demand for these professionals."

By 2036, around half of the workforce will be made up of self-employed and freelance workers.

The French jewellery house already has three locations in Sydney.

It also generated 448 million hours of online traffic in 2016.

The Iconic has increased the number of brands catering to this category by 40%.

Cotton On has had to reimburse workers after discovering over $35,000 in underpayments.

From Amazon to J.Crew, this is how the year will pan out for the Australian fashion industry.

There are only four other stores of this kind - in the world.

In a year, this brand secured over 80 stockists internationally.

These are the designers Dion Lee thinks you need to watch next year.