• LuxLink: Sketches by Toni Maticevski, as part of a profile on the fashion designer.
    LuxLink: Sketches by Toni Maticevski, as part of a profile on the fashion designer.

Luxury Australian accessories retailer LK Boutique is aiming to boost its brand awareness to global heights by breaking into a new space.

LK Boutique, which currently operates three boutiques across Australia, has set its sights on omni-channel, with the company heavily investing in its new branded blog LuxLink.

The concept - a collaboration between recently appointed James Kennedy, CEO of LK Boutique and TILT Creative – sees the online space dedicated to showcasing “the world’s lesser known luxury design, fashion and travel experiences, as well as in-depth interviews with interesting people who embody the luxury lifestyle”.

Content also includes features and imagery on the latest bespoke gadgets, brand launches, luxury boutique hotels, elite venues, cars and timepieces.

Commenting on his creation, LK Jewellery CEO James Kennedy said he expects the site to have a positive impact on its clientele, however, he is adamant that the site remain clear of any advertising or product selling for the moment.

“LuxLink is different because it is purely comes from what I believe to be luxury,” he said.

“It [LuxLink] is not designed to generate revenue from any paid advertising, we will not compromise the clean and flawless design aesthetic of the website for advertising space in any shape or form. We do not sell anything on the site at present, it more about the experience rather than selling products.”

However, Kennedy has revealed that the LuxLink site is part of a larger strategy by the brand – 'less is more' - which will eventually generate its own rewards, and revenue.

“The launch of this site has been part of the whole LK rebranding tactic and is designed to be a tool where we can increase engagement with LK clients and share content though this highly specific and focused media outlet,” he said.

“LK’s strategy aims to enhance clientele interaction and ultimately expand new business development for LK. LK boutique's strategic decision to align and immerse itself with all things luxury has been the impetus for launching LuxLink.”

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