The Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has vowed it will continue to pursue activewear brand Lonsdale over a controversial campaign.

This campaign, a billboard advertisement, features images of men and women in various poses wearing different types of sports clothing.

One of the images depicts a woman wearing boxing gloves which are raised up and covering her naked breasts.

Another image features a topless woman lying on top of a topless man.

"I am highly offended that the women in this billboard are topless considering it's advertising boxing gear in which it wouldn't be practised topless," one complainant to the Board noted. 

"It's also a clothing brand so the women could easily have at least a sports bra on to advertise the brand."

While Lonsdale did not issue a response to the ASB, the watchdog found it breached advertising codes.

The Board noted that the placement of the advertisement on a billboard meant that the relevant audience was very broad and would include children.

While the advertisement did not breach nudity and sexuality codes,the Board expressed concern over the use of a half-naked woman to promote a sports product.

"The advertiser did not provide a response to the Board's determination," it noted in its ruling.

"The ASB will continue to seek compliance." 

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