New Zealand designer bag brand KYT has launched its first product, the KYT Crossbody bag designed specifically to hold essential medical equipment for individuals diagnosed with diabetes.

The Crossbody, which retails for $NZ345, features two separated pouches that can pull apart allowing diabetes equipment and life essentials to be organised separately.

It features a zipper pocket for sharps and empties, a medical ID slot and dedicated space for other diabetes equipment including pumps and testing equipment while also coming with a blood-resistant lining for regular blood sugar tests.

KYT founder Bridget Scanlan was diagnosed with type one diabetes seven years ago and in a statement, the business said that this diagnosis inspired her to develop a label that would unite fashion with function.

“Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes seven years ago, Bridget knows intimately the hassle of having to take a trove of medical equipment with you wherever you go," the statement read.

“It's essential, it's life-saving, but it's certainly not elegant. But why shouldn't it be? This question sparked her mission to create KYT: designer bags, designed for diabetes.

“At first glance, what appears to be a contemporary leather bag reveals an interior purpose-built to fit the unique needs of diabetes – making life, and daily care, easier.

“In the future, Bridget plans to expand KYT to provide elegant, everyday solutions for other conditions, too – fulfilling her growing purpose to carve out a new fashion genre by making medical, fashionable.”

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