Melbourne's Collins St has welcomed South American label Kuna to its fashion offering. 

The brand offers unique garments made from Peruvian Alpaca and Vicuna with each piece made with high respect for nature. 

Kuna Australia MD Eduardo Casapía Cannon said that Alpacas are treasured in Peruvian culture. 

"The Alpaca is an important animal to the Peruvians. There is a unique and precious ancient partnership between humans and Alpacas.

"Because of this, Peruvian farmers treat their animals like they’re part of the family - even giving them names. 

"Alpacas had a strong impact on ancient Peruvian cultures and are an important source of income for many Andean families today.

"The vast majority of the Andean culture learn how to use Alpaca fibre to create clothing and textiles. Great value has been placed on Alpaca clothing for thousands of years and this tradition remains alive today.

"The animals are considered a gift from the gods and the most important relic of the history of the Incas.

"Peruvians feel responsible for caring for the animals. They view them as a gift from a higher being.

"Alpacas are unable to shed or eliminate excess hair naturally, which can be detrimental to the animal’s health and wellbeing. This is why shearing is an important part of caring for the Alpaca," he said. 

Casapia Cannon continued and said that the brand embodies the eco-friendly elements many consumers are looking for when shopping.

"Today’s consumer is growing more and more concerned about the impact of fashion on the environment and its sustainability.

"Kuna is committed to responsibly produced garments and we are keen for people to understand the environmental contribution of Alpacas. 

"Alpacas are highly efficient animals and are gentle on the land. They don’t damage the pasture in any way, including when grazing, and they don’t use the land or water designed for food production," he said. 

The Kuna Melbourne store is open daily from 10am. 

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