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Another retail fatality

"We will not be trading the companies during the administration since we consider this to be in the best interests of all parties concerned."

Global stars en route

SERPENT & THE SWAN: Added to the lineup.

They've taken on New York, Paris and are about to open for Sydney.

The industry won't forget

AKIRA: Ethical designs.

"I saw that the Rana Plaza disaster could act as a catalyst."

Fast money

Why fast fashion sales are outstripping other retail categories - in a big way.

He's baaaack

"You can expect the unexpected…the show will conclude with an emotional, breathtaking finale."

Salvos gets a makeover


Your favourite charity is getting serious about fashion.

Net-A-Porter invasion

Why are some of Net-A-Porter's biggest executives about to land in Australia?

Uniqlo: surprise locations

You'll never guess where Uniqlo is opening next.

Magazine for the millions

"Across the AussieCommerce Group, we have over six million members so it’s a great platform for cross promotion across our brands."

Another Point for Asos

Asos is about to make returns a whole lot easier - and cheaper - for local customers.

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