It's one of the most influential menswear events in the world.

"We may not be designers at heart, we know what we like and what women want."

"If the price of clothing was increased by just one per cent, brands could afford to pay a living wage."

"Retailers will have very little time to sell these before 31 March this year.”

"This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Australian fashion."

Activewear retailer Lorna Jane has claimed victory in a two year battle.

Fashion buyers: prepare to meet some fresh labels in February.

"This news shows that well-known brands are surrendering to mounting pressure."

The deal values the company at $155 million.

The Australian fashion market has seen another high-profile collapse.

One has already appointed Ferrier Hodgson, the firm responsible for handling the collapse of Topshop and Lover.

The brands survived under Myer, but did the workers?

Dion Lee: “Both designers had a strong vision with collections feeling very innate and personal."

Australia’s largest annual sales day could reach $290 million.