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Fleur goes for two

Think designers are just branching out into clothing, footwear and accessories categories? Think again.

Kathmandu profits mixed

Kathmandu: On track to expand.

Adventure clothing retailer Kathmandu has had a better run in the Australian market than on home soil.

NZ luxe launch

New Zealand is set to welcome a new luxury designer brand.

Built for speed

Can a fast fashion chain with over 1000 stores produce a custom-made gown in one month?

Pumpkin Patch patchy

Pumpkin Patch: 2014 campaign.

Pumpkin Patch has had another board exit.


Retail: A mixed bag.

Spending continues to grow steadily across the economy - so why are clothing sales struggling? Premium

The results are in...

Camilla & Marc: On show at the festival.

Which Australian fashion activation resulted in $90 million worth of media coverage?

Who's in Vogue?

ELLE: Australia editor Justine Cullen.

Can Vogue and Harper's Bazaar take on the underdog that is Frankie?


Pop-up shops are now a fixture of the retail landscape: but who's doing it right? Premium

Brooks Brothers: the latest

Brooks Brothers: Setting up its retail network.

Brooks Brothers launched into Australia as a joint venture this year - has the bet paid off?

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