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Zimmermann's new dazzler

Interlocking barrel vaults, luxurious curved glass portals and textured render finishes.

Urban Outfitters in Aussie deal

US retail giant Urban Outfitters has struck a deal down under.

Rivers a challenge

Rivers: New to the SFG brand stable.

"Rivers is still very much in the turnaround stage and although there is light at the end of the tunnel, positive contributions from this brand will be challenging to achieve in the short term.”

Myer's $370 million biff

"Offshore retailers selling into Australia pay none of this".

Menswear player launches

After years spent working across menswear in Paris, an Australian designer is releasing her own label.

H&M's sister is coming

"Opening our first store in Australia and the first in the Southern Hemisphere is an exciting step."

Controversial deal cleared

Bonds: Part of the Pacific Brands stable.

The corporate watchdog has cleared a $180 million transaction between two retail giants.

H&M heads north

H&M Australia is heading north with two new store openings.

Stylerunner scores big time

Stylerunner has scored a massive deal with apparel giant Lululemon Athletica.

Harrolds diversifies

Harrolds: New era.

The iconic department store is making a move into womenswear.

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