It's online - and customers can make garments from 13,000 different combinations.

It's enlisted four faces to front its latest campaign.

The iconic Australian retailer joins the fold.

After rolling out retail stores in Japan, this brand is set to open on home soil.

Premier Investments has just cracked $1 billion in sales for the first time.

She's launched her own fashion label on the platform.

This is despite a series of store closures across the UK.

There are 2,700 quadrilateral, square and rectangular glass panels collectively weighing more than 500 tonnes.

Zara will open its first store in a suburb 23 kilometres west of Sydney's CBD.

Say hello to the department store's relaunched dining hub in Sydney CBD.

First it was Melbourne and now, it's made a move on Sydney.

And now a new style has been designed by a socially conscious 7-year-old.

It has been dubbed the crowdfunding of the future.

Revolve wants to tap into the two-thirds of Australian online shoppers who purchase overseas.

It is using a tool developed for leather armour and skin in video games.