It is happening for the first time this year.

This is a brand new direction for the heritage retailer.

Nasty Gal country manager Madeline George reveals all.

One investor has his own network of stores - 300 of them.

"As I was styling clients for events, I was finding it increasingly difficult to find what I had in mind."

Wait until you see the sales figures.

Think customers need to produce a receipt, or the original packaging, to return an item? Think again.

"The time that that solves in itself is a benefit."

You have to be ready for this by November 01.

It produces somewhere between 550 and 600 million garments annually.

"This small change will see hundreds of thousands of bags not being produced and ending up in landfill."

When I chaired a roundtable of CEOs, they all expressed concern about this.

We ask CEO Maria Molland why it's so successful here.