In the closing address, it’s time to look to the future.

Australian brands Sunshine Dreamer, Elleni The Label and Andorwith are supporting it. 

All states, except for Victoria, show this trend.

“This is a problem that won’t be solved by one company alone.”

Here is the latest development in this alarming hacker case.

The show will also co-locate with Life Instyle for the first time.

"The end result is something no one else can replicate."

It involves $500,000 and and 75,000 workers in Victoria.

Investment bank UBS has been appointed to review the businesses.

It is a complicated time for the sector - and unparalleled decisions have been made.

"At the time it was a labour of love, photographing and tracing the entire process."

The stores will trade on reduced hours for the time being.

"I am delighted that we have been able to creatively work with P.E Nation."

With travel bans and social distancing orders in place, the business has seen online sales boom.

"We’ve learnt that people ARE prepared to invest their time, energy and money to create a better future."

This landmark ruling has consequences for all fashion influencers and brands.