New Zealand-based brand, Kowtow has teamed up with Australian environmental charity, Take 3 For The Sea, to release a capsule collection to raise awareness about the impact of single-use plastics on the ocean.

Released on World Environment Day (June 05), the collection consists of three t-shirts and four knitwear pieces which feature single-use plastic items such as plastic bags, plastic cutlery and plastic bottles commonly found in the ocean.

The t-shirts are created using fair trade certified organic cotton and printed using environmentally friendly inks which ensure sustainable use and treatment of water, while the knitwear pieces are produced using stock yard to eliminate fabric waste.

Proceeds from the line will be donated to Take 3 For The Sea to help the body continue its educational work in schools.

According to Earthday research, humans buy approximately one million plastic bottles per minute, 500,000 plastic straws are used everyday and 500 billion disposable cups are used every year.

Kowtow founder and creative director, Gosia Piatek, said that single-use plastic has transformed from being a source of convenience to now the biggest problem the environment faces.

"Single-use plastic is the worst offender to our marine environment.

"We have become complacent, and now something that was once deemed convenient is the bane of our existence. We can’t continue to live in a natural environment and act unnaturally towards it.

"The earth is our only home and we need to care for it," she said.

Take 3 For The Sea co-founder and CEO Tim Silverwood said that Take 3 For The Sea is excited to have Kowtow's support.

"Single-use plastics are a scourge on our planet and oceans. It’s critical that plastic pollution is reduced otherwise the dire prediction of ‘more plastic in the ocean that fish by 2050’ will become a reality.

"Take 3 encourages everyone to simply take three pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach, waterway, anywhere.

"In addition to our simple message, Take 3 deliver education programs in schools, surf clubs and communities to inspire participation in reducing plastic pollution and waste. Take 3 are thrilled to have the support of Kowtow as we take our message to the world," he said.

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