Kathmandu has joined forces with international music agency MassiveMusic to officially launch its distinct audio identity. 

'The Sound of Kathmandu' combines the sound of 'you' outdoors, a wooden melody and a unique bird call, to create the brand's sonic logo. 

The launch of the 'out there' sound forms part of the business' brand transformation, which began in May this year. 

MassiveMusic director of creative strategy Marijn Roozemond said the organisation got 'out there' with the inspiration for the piece. 

"To capture the joyful, spontaneous and carefree spirit of the brand, we took our cues from the natural world and crafted a sound from three distinct parts that belong ‘Out There.’

"We found our rhythm in the sound of you exploring the outdoors, our distinctive wooden melody from the trees, and we top it off with the ear-catching sound of a unique bird call.

"These three elements in combination create a sound that is instantly recognisable and uniquely Kathmandu," she said. 

The creation of the sound happen in three stages, with the first stage centred around field recordings of 'you' exploring the outdoors which acts as the rhythm for the piece.

A light percussive rhythm builds on the sounds of 'you', capturing the light-hearted nature of the brand. 

The second source of inspiration for the Sound of Kathmandu came from the trees - a quintessential element of nature and the first living material from which musical instruments were first made.

The third element of Kathmandu’s sonic logo is comprised of a unique bird call that captures the listener's ear. 

In the mountains of France, the craftspeople of Quelle Est Belle used sustainably sourced materials to create handmade wooden bird calls.

With these instruments and the guidance of an ornithologist, Kathmandu crafted a hybrid call that is unique and recognisable to the brand.

The launch of the sonic logo rounds out the brand's summer campaign which included a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Sydney artist Mulga, and a partnership with Australian musician G-Flip. 

Kathmandu CCO Eva Barrett said the brand is hyper-focused on getting people 'out there' in the outdoors. 

"Kathmandu has always been about getting people out there in nature, where we feel better – your spiritual, mental wellbeing is enhanced when you’re out in nature," she said. 

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