Australian retailer Jeanswest has published its factory listing in a bid to enhance its commitment to supply chain transparency.

Following the launch of its third 100% Australian-made Homespun collection, Jeanswest has released a listing detailing 80% of its factory partners across China, Australia, Vietnam and India.

Jeanswest CEO Mark Daynes said that move is part of its ongoing committment to ethical production and social responsibility.

“Ethical sourcing, sustainability and innovation are heavy influencers in the decisions we make across our entire business and our commitment to transparency and traceability is ongoing.

"It is our goal to continually improve in the knowledge that sustainable fashion is paramount for the future."

The retailer has collaborated with Baptist World Aid and Fashion Revolution to share processes and partner information.
Baptist World Aid advocacy manager Gershon Nimbalker has applauded Jeanswest for its efforts.

“Jeanswest publishing a partial list of their manufacturing suppliers is a very welcome step on their transparency journey!

"It demonstrates a willingness by the company to be accountable to consumers, workers and the public, while also making a strong statement about the efforts they are undertaking to ensure workers are treated fairly.

“We look forward to seeing more of their suppliers published in the future.

"Transparency efforts like this go a long way in deepening trust between companies and the public.”

Jeanswest is a brand member on the Council of Textile & Fashion.

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