In May 2019, the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival announced that it was cancelling the 12th annual event.

Today, founder Jacinta Richmond said she is cancelling the event permanently.

“After a great deal of consideration and even more heartbreak, the decision has been made to cancel permanently. While there is a long list of reasons to keep the event going, there is an equally long one to simply stop."

What began as a simple fashion parade took on a life of its own and a long list of firsts, Richmond said.

This included the use of curve and mature models from its 2008 inception, as well as parading Islamic fashion down the runway.

International brands to participate included Richard de Chazel, Ali Charsima, Thang de Hoo and Ed Hardy.

"We thank each and every one of you who participated, attended and supported the event throughout the years," Richmond said.

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