Australasian clothing entrepreneurs are about to tap into a market of 4.8 million Australians.

Launched online this week, ConfiTEX is a hi-tech fashionable underwear option that solves daily incontinence problems.

A whopping 4.8 million Australians experience the condition.

The patented underwear range is waterproof, pad-free, machine washable and super absorbent.

The range, for men and women, is based on hi-tech sports fabrics that wick away moisture and can absorb a cup full of liquid throughout the day.

Items range from $29.90 to $34.90 in price.

ConfiTEX was launched by New Zealanders Mark Davey and Frantisek Riha-Scott after three years of development.

The pair initially began by designing performance underwear for athletes until identifying a bigger need in the market.

"Women want to feel attractive, which is where our normal-looking pretty lace underwear comes in.

"One woman described them as 'kinda sexy cute'.

"We've had people literally tell us the underwear has been life-changing for them, particularly the men," Riha-Scott said.

The underwear is manufactured using bamboo-based material and is not a pollutant like adult pads and diapers.

"People don't like using them either.

"They can be using four to six pads a day – that's 1500 pads a year – rather than seven pairs of our eco-friendly undies that make them feel good too," Davey said.

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