Icebreaker has launched a new content series How well do you know your wardrobe? in collaboration with non-profit organisation, Clean Cut Fashion. 

The two episodes feature actress Jodi Gordon as host alongside former Miss Australia, Erin Holland and model, Samantha Harris as guests. 

The series explores fashion's impact on the environment and suggests more sustainable practices Australians can switch to. 

Speaking on the video series, Gordon said that the series aims to make it easier for consumers to take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

"The impacts of the fashion industry start from our choices in-store and are carried all the way through to landfill.

"Australians are each disposing approximately 23 kilograms of textile waste each year which is having an enormous impact on the environment and our waste figures as a whole. 

"It can feel quite overwhelming when trying to live more sustainably, with most of us unaware of the true impact fashion can have on the environment.

"Raising awareness and showing some simple solutions can feel really empowering to know you’re playing a small part and living a more sustainable life," she said. 

Icebreaker brand president Greg Smith added that the business is on a mission to empower Australians to move to natural. 

"As humans we all have the capacity to drive change, and the more we learn the more we can act and make positive choices. 

"Everything we do is designed to move people closer to nature and closer to choosing natural alternatives.

"At icebreaker, 87% of our total fibre composition is natural.

"We hero merino wool, which is naturally odour resistant, meaning clothes require less washing and cause less of an impact on the environment.

"Because Merino is made in the mountains rather than in a petrochemical laboratory, it's annually renewable, recyclable and ethically sourced.

"Our goal is to have 100% plastic-free fibres by 2023 and are hoping to get more Australians to move to natural.

"The content series will help showcase the small steps we can make, to drive a more positive change," he said. 


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