David Jones' spring/summer runway show has won approval from two of the most respected fashion commentators in Australia.

Broadcasting live from the event, Damien Woolnough and Glynis Traill-Nash praised the showcase on their witty fashion handle 'You Are In My Seat'.

Featuring over 200 looks and two international supermodels, the show was set at Fox Studios, Sydney.

"I didn't hate the David Jones show," Woolnough opened.

"We are sometimes critical of our department stores," Traill-Nash continued. "Purely because we want Australian customers to have the best retail experience they can have and they need to step up."

"But they did step up," Woolnough ruled.

Despite a showcase of international models and brands, the two showered praise on local talent and designer brands.

Woolnough and Traill-Nash said that with growing diversity in faces and fashion collections, Australians were playing at a global level.

"Give me more Zimmermann, Bianca Spender, Ellery, Bassike," Woolnough said.

The two closed out their commentary with a simple nod to the department store: "Go David Jones."

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