In 1894, Mr Jones was killed in an infamous rail disaster at Redfern.

The new appointment has previously worked with incoming CEO John King and will be tasked with making Myer relevant again.

Solomon Lew had previously blasted the department chain for its performance and strategic direction.

A report suggests that retailers aren't meeting the demands of their customers when it comes to personalisation.

The footwear chain is in liquidation.

Hostile, obstructive and destabilising is the official word from Myer.

It's a potential goldmine for fashion retailers.

Want to know how to see an x18 return on ad spend from Instagram?

Global eCommerce giant Alibaba Group is backing his latest venture.

“Wealthier customers, those with children at home and younger people are already shopping this way."

A controversial charity is backing the fast fashion giants.

It has just clinched a major three-year deal.

This is one story backed by serious data.

"It's just not working. Worse still, the heavy discounts will blow an even bigger hole in losses."