Macpac has created a new online mega store, increasing conversions and sessions with a content-rich platform.

Prior to the upgrade, the New Zealand-based outdoor retailer was struggling with an outdated and open source site.

This is despite a programme of rapid international expansion and growth, with sales of over $10 million.

This approach is already paying off, with a 20% increase in sessions and a 12% increase in conversions generated by the new site.

The website underwent a comprehensive re-design process with a particular emphasis on unique content and messaging, as well as a cloud based platform.

The acquisition of Macpac by Super Retail Group last year, which consequently saw Macpac take over its Rays business, has also resulted in an all-in-one adventure gear destination 'Macpac Adventure Hub'.

The creation of a mega store featuring all brands in a content-rich setting has worked, according to MacPac eCommerce manager Mark Jagger.

"[It] has built a new level of flexibility into our website, supporting our new loyalty scheme with Air New Zealand and our ability to offer more engaging content that illustrates the adventures our customers can enjoy.

"This helps our brand to resonate with our target demographic more than ever before.

Key site features include:

Macpac Club loyalty integration

This loyalty program has been seamlessly integrated to offer loyal Macpac customers special discounts and offers on product as well as comprehensive account features.

Plan my trip

A handy trip planner which allows customer to input their desired date, destination, activity and number of participants which will then supply a trip planner, local weather warnings, packing list and an outdoor safety guide.

Macpac Adventure Hub

The launch of the Macpac Adventure Hub introduced thousands of products and an extensive catalogue of new brands into the Macpac ecosystem to create an outdoor megastore that stays true to the Macpac brand.

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