Assia Benmedjdoub tackles an issue that has industry leaders hot under the collar.

Australian retailers need to re-address deliveries to coincide with global warming, leading fashion agents have told

The push comes on the back of grim trading figures released by finance analysts yesterday.

Garland & Garland co-founder Phoebe Garland said the entire industry needs a united approach to target poorly timed discounting.

"For two seasons the cold winter properly kicked in and got cold on June 1, when all major retailers were on sale.

"Likewise, it got really hot on December 1 when discounting had already started.

"The major retailers and department stores really need to look at these dates and stop discounting before the weather actually starts and perhaps even re-address deliveries so everyone can get a longer sell through at full price.

"The main question we need to ask ourselves is why isn’t the entire industry moving deliveries back to coincide with global warming?"

Launch Fashion Management director Amy Fosdike agreed climate change has impacted the sector.

"There is more strategy behind buying decisions, with a focus on climate and a general feeling of caution around what product is going into store at what time," she said.

"The current retail climate is challenging, stores are suffering in rural areas from the drought, brick and mortar boutique business is down due to the growth of online and decrease on foot traffic."

Halation Agency founder MD Christina Taylor said changes in the broader retail scene had a trickle down effect  to independent retailers.

The move has seen the agency diversify its focus offshore, as well as supporting local vendors.

"It is always changing. We are working more more international and major accounts as we have seen many small retailers close over the last 12 months which is very sad to see.

"We also have a very strong accessories department and work with a lot of gorgeous homewares stores. We don't just work with just fashion stores. We have expanded our reach and diversified."

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