Tech startup i=Change has raised $1,000,000 using e-commerce to fund women and girls' development projects in Australia and 13 other countries.


Pandora Jewellery, Nobody Denim, Romance Was Born and Camilla are among the brands who have partnered with the startup.


They have impacted the lives of over 250,000 women and girls so far.


The $1 million milestone has been achieved by e-commerce brands giving back $1 from every sale and after checking out, empowering their customers to choose where it goes.


Customers can also track the impact of their purchase and choice in real-time.


i=Change founder Jeremy Meltzer said that consumers increasingly want to see more brands supporting a good cause.


“Now more than ever consumers – especially millennials – want to support brands that have a 'purpose beyond product'.


“This is becoming the 'new normal'; retail as a force for good, unleashing the potential of women and girls, and significantly contribute to creating the world we all wish to see.”


Romance Was Born designer and co-founder Anna Plunkett said the startup was helping consumers make a powerful change when purchasing.


“We're so thrilled to see how a creative entrepreneur can make a significant impact on the world.


“i=Change is also raising awareness about the charities and issues – so consumers can make a powerful difference with their purchase.”


Camilla founder Camilla Franks said that the brand wanted to do more than just fashion.


“Our dream for Camilla is bigger than fashion.


“It's about a full vision with heart that aims to provide women with skills, education, purpose and a safe community.


“The i=Change platform has allowed us to do just that, and we're so proud to be part of this incredible initiative.”

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