The number of fashion professionals working on influencer marketing campaigns has climbed to 78% in 2017 according to a report from Launch Metrics.

This rise in the popularity of working with influencers and thought leaders represents a 13% jump from numbers reported in 2016.

The report highlights a number of statistics documenting the ways in which brands are partnering with influencers including campaign effectiveness.

90% of those surveyed stated that the activities carried out with influencers effectively generated brand awareness for their company or products.

The report also found that 73% believed their campaigns were effective for brand loyalty while 69% also believed it was effective for driving sales.

Sydney-based influencer content creator Vamp has previously focused its presence on Instagram and partnered with fashion brands including ASOS, New Balance and Uniqlo.

Vamp founder Aaron Brooks believes that influencer initiatives provide brands with the benefit of continuity and pushing their brand at the forefront of social media platforms, a benefit that is not available through other outlets.

“Brands will start to further leverage the power of influencer marketing by utilising content in multiple channels long after the influencers have posted.

“We'll see more influencer content being used in paid social, eDM's and websites.”

According to Vamp, its partnership with ASOS to promote the brand on Instagram led to over 600,000 views, 20,000 likes and 1,000 comments over the course of the campaign across its influencers on the platform.

Instagram remained the preferred platform for marketing campaigns with 36% of professionals listing it as their preferred channel.

Snapchat saw the biggest drop in popularity falling from 10% in 2016 to 5.6% in 2017.

Alice + Olivia EVP brand marketing and communications Aliza Licht believes that brands need to work across a number of mediums while also incorporating influencer marketing.

“I think fashion brands should invest in building authentic relationships with a wide range of talent across mediums.

“Brands need to be multi-hyphenate. Influencer marketing is only one piece of a comprehensive strategy."

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