New Honey Birdette CEO Kim Kidd has revealed the three changes she wants to execute as leader of the lingerie business.

Key on her agenda is teamwork, expansion and showcasing female empowerment, she told Ragtrader. 

“I think what's really powerful and the message that I want to get across is that this is a company that is run by women for women.

"That whole message that we’re a strong empowered team is really important.

"Second would be teamwork and just breaking down silos – we're not a company that has big barriers – but I definitely want to see everyone in retail get to know people in the office and vice versa, so get people out on the road, very much working as one team.

"My third one and one of my biggest ambitions is to take the company wider globally.

"I don't want to start my conversations with, ‘have you heard of Honey Birdette?’ I want that to be given, I want people to know who Honey Birdette is,” she said. 

Kidd also said that a key focus for the company is its digital strategy, following on from COVID-19 growth. 

"Before COVID, our business is probably split about 40% digital sales 60% retail since COVID it's been a bit more 60/40 split even when retail reopened.

"So what we found is that the customers that we gained during that downtime without having retail open were actually new customers.

"It wasn't just that we were replacing one for the other because it hasn't died off even when we re-opened we've just gone from strength to strength.

"So we know that reaching more people is going to be possible through digital and we know that's where our focus and our strategy is going to lie.

"We have a digital-only team that we're building up now so it'll be about reaching new markets, having relevant marketing and content and really trying to get Honey Birdette known more worldwide," she said. 

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