Youth social enterprise and fashion label, HoMie has teamed up with Castle Grade Australia to put unemployed youth back into work. 

Similarly to many businesses during COVID-19, HoMie's Pathway Alliance Program – a paid internship program that gives young people experiencing homelessness and hardship the opportunity to work at HoMie – had to transition to online and seek new placements for interns. 

Meanwhile, Castle Grade – a face mask business allowed to operate during lockdown – needed staff to help fulfil orders. 

"Given that the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential service, this partnership is a way we can re-engage our Pathway Alliance interns with some permitted, and confidence-building work during what has otherwise been a difficult and isolating lockdown for them during COVID," HoMie CEO and co-founder Nick Pearce said. 

"Working with Castle Grade to provide employment opportunities for young people in our program is a brilliant way to keep young people employed and also engaged, during a time like COVID.

"Unemployment is at an all-time high, and it’s been fantastic to be able to join forces and create opportunities outside of our own," he said. 

Castle Grade CEO Martin Matthews added that the business is thrilled to be able to help the COVID-19 recovery while re-engaging people into work. 

"We are so pleased to be able to generate employment for young people through this partnership.

"Our mission in Australia is to help accelerate the recovery from this pandemic in any way we can – our masks help frontline workers and businesses return to work safely, and now through our partnership with HoMie the growth of our business can help build confidence and experience of young people who are affected by hardship," he said. 

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