Australian eTailer Hello Molly has revealed that it is working to showcase more gender diversity on its social media platforms, the business has told Ragtrader. 

Beginning this journey, the business collaborated with TikTok creator Ben Horn to create two TikTok videos, one of which the business shared to its own Instagram account. 

The shared TikTok post received 103,000 views - one of the highest viewed posts the business saw in June - and generated 6,600 likes and 475 comments, with an engagement rate of 1.04%. 

Speaking on working with Ben, Hello Molly PR coordinator Bella Willoughby said that the business wanted to showcase Ben's confidence and style. 

"We were drawn to Ben’s positivity, body confidence and style.

"We hadn’t come across anyone like Ben before within the fashion and influencer community and we really wanted to work with someone who embodies a positive attitude and is willing to be themselves regardless of what people might say," she said. 

However, despite the significant response and overall positive reception to the post, Hello Molly did receive some backlash creative manager Jasmin Fraser added. 

"Yes, we did receive a few negative comments, which was surprising as we thought most of our customers would be accepting towards Ben, given how far we’ve come as a society," Fraser said. 

"We decided to reply to a few negative comments outlining that Hello Molly is all for diversity and we strongly encourage everyone to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and happy."

Fraser added that the shape or colour of clothing should not define which gender can wear it. 

"It’s evident that the stigma around gender norms still exists.

"The Hello Molly customer is defined by their personality, their positivity, confidence and their love of colour, trends and fashion, and these traits are not defined by gender.

"The fashion industry is changing, lots of women have been wearing what has been considered men's clothes for years so the shape and colour of a piece of cloth should not dictate gender," she said. 

However, despite the stigma still existing, Willoughby said that is not going to stop Hello Molly from sharing content from gender diverse people. 

"Although we still strongly believe Ben and any other individual should feel comfortable and accepted in Hello Molly, we know that not all of our customers are going to think the same way as we do.

"We’re still going to push for change within the industry and promote Ben across our platform to hopefully change the stigma surrounding gender norms," she said. 

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