Grace Loves Lace has revealed that sales for the business have increased 100% over the past 12 months, despite the bushfire and COVID-19 crisis. 

The label, which produces all of its wedding gowns on-shore in Australia, has also seen a 260% increase in international sales, with 48% of sales coming from the USA over the past 12 months. 

And despite the pandemic and the cancellation or postponement of many weddings, the business has witnessed a 70% increase in digital sales during the months where COVID-19 was rampant. 

However, it's not just the sales the business has focused on during this time. 

Sustainability and reduction of textile waste has remained front and centre for Grace Loves Lace, founder Megan Ziems said. 

"Once the fabrics are sent to our studio, everything is designed, manufactured and dispatched from one place.

"This reduces fashion miles and the enormous carbon footprint that usually exists because of the sheer amount of transportation that happens in the fashion industry. 

"The majority of our dresses are made-to-order, helping to reduce any unnecessary waste.

"Our gowns are also designed using motifs which are hand-cut from offcuts, to even further avoid any fabric wastage.

"This motif placement has become a signature element in our designs. 

"And any fabric offcuts we do have, we send them to a local homewares store called Trader Trove in Burleigh, where they use the cuttings to fill cushions and ottomans," she said. 

Demonstrating the sales growth and committed focus to sustainability, Ziems added that she hopes the Grace Loves Lace story can inspire other brands to pursue an on-shore manufacturing model. 

"We hope that sharing our growth statistics could give businesses who are looking to move to an onshore model, hope in that they can maintain growth and increase profits while still supporting the many dying trades of fashion, here, in Australia," she said. 

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