• Red Bull: Ready to tackle the Australian accessories market.
    Red Bull: Ready to tackle the Australian accessories market.

One of the world's best-known brands has confirmed plans to break into the Australian fashion market from next month.

Energy drink brand Red Bull is set to extend its brand presence across Australia with a foray into the local accessories market.

The brand's Red Bull Racing division has joined forces with international eyewear designer, the Michael Pachleitner Group, to create a signature collection of eyewear.

The range, titled Red Bull Racing Eyewear, will drop into Australian stores from September 2012.

Red Bull Racing Eyewear will feature four collections positioned in the premium and merchandising segment, with pieces including Formula 1 quality materials, Carbon and NXT, to make the product “extremely lightweight and robust, combined with design and style”.

Pieces in the Red Bull Racing Eyewear line will range from sunglasses to sports function glasses suited to both males and females, with all sunglasses also equipped with 100 per cent UV protection spanning the entire UV range (UVA/UVB/UVC), tailored for wear in the Australian sun.

To assist in its Australian debut, the brand has also secured Formula 1 drivers, world champion Sebastian Vettel and fellow Australian Mark Webber, as ambassadors for the collection.

Red Bull Racing Eyewear prices will retail from $199 to $749, with product split into categories such as: 'Premium range', 'NXT and Carbon' collections, and the 'Merchandising', 'Sports and Racing' ranges.

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. The brand, created in 1987, is reportedly the most popular energy drink in the world in terms of market share, with approximately 4.5 billion cans of Red Bull sold each year.

Dr. Michael Pachleitner, CEO of the Michael Pachleitner Group said: “It was our ambition to develop an international sports and frames collection to fit with the Red Bull brand. It was important for us to consider the attributes that Red Bull stands for in the field of sports, adventure and competition and capture this in the Red Bull Racing Eyewear range.”
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