• Bec & Bridge are among Australian designer brands to sell online
    Bec & Bridge are among Australian designer brands to sell online

MORE Australian retailers need to get online to meet shoppers' demands, according to a price comparison website.

Shopbot, which helps customers to shop online by finding the best products at the lowest prices, says the amount of fashion savvy shoppers searching apparel related keywords has increased by 32 per cent in the last year.

Shopbot's sales director, Neil Thomas, said as well as the increase in searches, via the Australian shopping service, sales in the fashion industry online have also increased.

Thomas said: “SABA and Sportscraft are the latest fashion brands to come online in this market, but the ratio of Australian fashion consumers to Australian fashion retailers online is still remarkably skewed.

The majority of transactions today are serviced by international retailers and if our latest data report shows nothing more, it shows a clear market need and an opportunity for local fashion retailers.”

Thomas said sunglasses, women’s jeans, coats, dresses and shoes, menswear and sports shoes were among the top purchased fashion items on the site.

Shopbot has 700 registered retailers and more than a million buyers per month.

Other Australian retailers on Shopbot include SurfStitch, Viparo, the Port Phillip Shop and Fashionably Yours.

Many of the country's designers, such as Bec & Bridge, are also beginning to sell their apparel online.


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