• ZAMBELLI: Revived.
    ZAMBELLI: Revived.

Dorry Kordahi has returned to the BRW Young Rich List for a fifth consecutive year, having added eight fashion labels to his growing stable of businesses.

Kordahi first secured his spot on the list as the CEO of DKM BLUE, a branding and merchandising company.

After years of putting labels onto apparel for brands like Mercedes Benz, Aldi and Microsoft, Kordahi leverage his centralised operational structure (locally and abroad in China) to take on the tough retail market and diversify his business.

He began with the iconic Australian brand Zambelli.

The label had been closed for a number of years and then relaunched with online stores, and a flagship in Balmain along with 400 stockists that house the remainder of the brands.

He said while many of Australia’s celebrated brands are closing their doors, he is throwing more and more doors open.

"When I set up shop in my parents’ garage in Croydon with not a dime to my name, I had big dreams. I wanted to emulate the kind of brand empire that Richard Branson has and create many different businesses under one umbrella. Now, I’m making that happen - against the odds!’.

Kordahi is listed at #80 on the Young Rich List this year with an estimated fortune of $28 million.

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