Australian textiles innovator Ettitude has revealed the impact of its CleanBamboo textile in its new impact report.

The Melbourne-born brand’s innovative textile saves enough water for 267 loads of laundry, 517 showers or 818 dishwashing sessions.

The news comes as a McKinsey survey revealed that more than three in five consumers consider the environmental impact of a product an important factor in making purchase decisions. 

Founder Phoebe Yu said that 2020 proved to be a year of increased demand for sustainable materials. 

"2020 was a watershed year for the shift in how businesses treat their customers, their staff and the planet.

"Those that will succeed are leading with transparency and accountability in everything they do.

"Consumers are demanding more, and rightly so," she said. 

Compared to its counterparts, the CleanBamboo sheet set produces only 24kg of carbon versus 50kgs in a traditional cotton set.

Alongside its innovative textile, Ettitude is also working to reduce textile waste elsewhere, launching its Australian textile recycling program Loop last year. 

In 2020, Loop saw 254.2kg of textile waste diverted from landfills, preventing 1016.8kg of greenhouse gases in just two months. 

"Designing for zero waste requires innovations in materials, products and practices," Yu added.

"Brands have an opportunity to lead through programs that ensure their products don’t contribute to landfill," she said. 


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