• BIRD TEXTILES: A pioneer in sustainable fashion.
    BIRD TEXTILES: A pioneer in sustainable fashion.

A designer brand which recently celebrated its tenth year in business has closed shop to focus on new ventures, following the likes of Marnie Skillings and Clare Press.

Designer Rachel Bending became an icon in the sustainable fashion movement when her label Bird Textiles became Australia's first climate-neutral business in 2004.

Bending has now been invited to work with a peak body for the arts and cultural sector in her region, aimed at making artisan brands more accessible to consumers.

The position will see her close the doors on Bird Textiles, which produces sustainable fabrics with original designs on fairtrade SKAL ceritifed organic cotton.

Bird Textiles sells its print designs as fabric meterage, as well as a range of over 100 home, gift, craft and fashion products.

Bird production is conducted locally in Byron Shire, with all products made using solar power.

Bird Textiles is available from Australian and New Zealand retailers, as well as through a dedicated online store.

Bending's decision to exit the market and focus on new ventures follows recent moves by Press and Skillings, who have pulled back in the wake of a challenging retail environment.

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