The sustainability in fashion movement has made its way to sunglasses, with Australian brand Childe, creating eyewear made from sustainable plant-derived materials.

The eyewear brand uses plant-based bio material Grilamid XE 4010 (Grilamid) for its mould injected lifestyle frames, which is a 58% eco renewable resource.

After research and development the brand found that this was the most sustainable mould injected Grilamid eyewear frame material available.

For its artisan frames, Childe uses Bio M49 Mazzuchelli Acetate, a 100% bio-degradable and recyclable material made from cotton and wood pulp fibres. Unlike a plastic, the bio-acetate material can break down over time without costing the earth. 

In a statement, Childe said that the brand embodies sustainability ethics.

"The Childe brand, products and community is built on punk sensibility fuelled by design expressions of raw energy, freedom of speech, powerful brand values and environmentally sensitive manufacturing principles.

"We design our hand made, artisan bio-acetate collection with our unique intellectual properties including our bevelled edge frame lines and ultimate fit to produce individually classic fashion eyewear."

Prices for the latest range start at $180 and peak at $320.

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