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Catch has manually removed an advertisement and changed its filters, following a case before the Advertising Standards Board.

The case concerned a retargeted ad for women's lingerie, which appeared on a customer's mobile device.

The customer issued a complaint with the Board, alleging "it shows clearly [the] female body uncensored."

However, the incident took an interesting twist when it was revealed to be a retargeted advertisement.

Retargeting is a form of advertising that uses browser cookies to display content based on a customer's browing history.

When a user browses product on Catch, data about the user’s browsing is collected and they are then displayed ads for similar content on sites such as Facebook.

This particular user was shopping for the same or similar lingerie products to those seen in the retargeted ads.

The Advertising Standards Panel ruled that while the user may have browsed similar products, the exact item may not have been searched.

"The Panel considered that the advertisements contained a level of nudity which many members of the community would consider inappropriate and excessive for an advertisement viewed on social media or other website which has been targeted to them without notice." 

Catch acknowledged that it had upheld the complaint and would readjust its targeting.

"Catch already excludes offers that contain offensive keywords or imagery and it did not intend that such a product would be included in retargeted advertising.

"This particular advertisment slipped through those filters."

Catch has added additional keywords to filters to prevent a similar incident, as well as taken the ad down manually. 

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