Catch has beat the odds, launching its biggest campaign to date. 

With varying COVID restrictions across many states, trying to pitch, film, edit and finalise a project is difficult to say the least. 

Yet that is what Catch has done with its latest campaign. 

The entire process from pitch to post-production was done via video conferencing with the Catch team collaborating with the external creative team remotely.

As Victoria is in lockdown for a second time, the campaign was shot in Queensland while the agency’s creative team and Catch, both based in Melbourne, provided real-time feedback to the live footage for three full days.

The campaign launched on 16 August on prime-time TV and will also roll out across radio, out of home, social, YouTube and other digital channels. 

The campaign makes everyday Australians famous and stars Justin’s Timber Rake, Reese’s Wooden Spoon and Sylvester’s Cologne. 

CMO Ryan Gracie said now is the time for businesses to be agile.

Like the rest of society, COVID has presented its fair share of challenges.

"It has created an environment where everything changes rapidly from day to day and we never know what will be coming next.

"It has forced us to be flexible in our approach across many different areas."

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