Iconic kaftan retailer Camilla Franks has employed 24/7 security guards at the brands Bondi, Paddington and Alexandria locations.

The decision came about following the recent spate of thefts experienced by the brand over the past four years.

The most recent case saw a woman allegedly pretend to be a security guard in an attempt to steal items at Camilla's recent Paddington warehouse sale.

According to Fairfax, Franks said the decision was made simply so she "can sleep at night."

"It just brings comfort to my team and I that we're looked after and protected and that our collections are protected, as for us they are sacred.

"We work so hard on developing, designing, producing and marketing them that it's heartbreaking when this happens."

Despite the recent troubles, Franks also revealed that she had been seeing a 300% increase to wholesale sales.

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