• CALIBRE: The design in question.
    CALIBRE: The design in question.

Calibre has claimed success in an out-of-court settlement with competitor Politix but the latter has denied all allegations put forward by the menswear retailer.

Calibre issued a statement today revealing it had threatened legal action against Politix after discovering three shirts available for sale in Politix stores in late 2011 and early 2012.

Calibre general manager Andrew Petersen said the company had a longstanding design protection program, with Politix taking "too much inspiration" from its registered shirt designs.

Calibre's statement said the matter had been settled out of court, with Politix agreeing to destroy the unsold shirts in question and refrain from copying its designs in future.

When contacted by ragtrader.com.au, Politix denied all claims.

"Politix has a very successful 35 years in the Australian fashion retail marketplace and focuses exclusively on innovative and original design," a spokesperson said.

“Politix denies that it has infringed any of Calibre’s rights. Calibre discontinued its court action with no court orders and each party agreed to pay their own costs.”

Calibre did not return ragtrader.com.au's request for more information at time of press. In its original statement, Petersen maintained Politix had infringed its designs.

"Calibre has a proud history in the Australian fashion industry and we have worked hard to build our successful reputation over the past 23 years.

"We are proactive in registering our original designs and are not afraid to take action where necessary in order to protect our intellectual property rights. We are very pleased with the outcome in this matter against Politix."

The move comes as youth fashion chain Glue prepares to pull a t-shirt from its stores after a designer brand accused its supplier of plagiarising its work.

T-shirt brand called Lonely Kids Club alleged that urban fashion brand JXcess copied a shirt design and sold it to Glue.

Both designs featured an abstract triangle with tilted, stick lettering inside.

It is understood Glue is pulling the t-shirt in question until further notice.

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