The company acquired 37 new retailers in the second half of 2016 and saw an occupancy rate over 99%.

"This report now shows us how important they are to businesses and their bottom line."

"They are currently eyeing the Australian economy with disbelief at the opportunities available for new competitors here."

The fashion label was acquired ten years ago for just $5.8 million.

This will roll out at Kathmandu stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The surfwear retailer has also seen total group sales plunge 9.5%.

The Fair Work Commission has ruled to reduce Sunday penalty rates.

There are significant changes to the NSW Retail Leases Act which favour retailers.

This Saturday, it will land in Foot Locker Sydney.

These investors are looking for more businesses with a value between $50 and $300 million.

“There’s an increasing demand for smaller-run, independent labels producing higher quality clothing."

"Major players such as The Iconic and Surf Stitch gave us great insight."

Think re-purposed lifebuoys and walls inspired by the art of Euan McGregor.

Emergency services have closed the shopping centre and prevented anyone from entering.

There has been a dramatic shift from the 50-50 split two years ago.