This is going to open some serious doors in China.

H&M Australia has spoken out against allegations of systemic abuse in its garment factories.

Paul Cherny has been poached from Camilla, where he quadrupled turnover in just three years.

A new surcharging framework is set to take effect on September 1 this year.

The brand has moved this aspect of the business in-house.

This sister duo are the latest digital influencers to tackle the online retail space.

The discount department store has sacked 40 staff at its head office.

In an Australian first, the global sports brand will hijack a prime location in the heart of Brisbane.

"We’re really excited to be at the forefront of product trialling technology."

It was one of three brands to pursue this blogger strategy.

The fashion business icon is departing, effective immediately.

No - it's not Uniqlo, but it has big plans to increase its store count in Australia.

Still not online? The internet has added 101 minutes a day to Kiwis' media consumption.

The American department store has its eyes on Sydney.

Its days of spending millions on Superbowl ads could be over.