It includes the sought after Crocodile Skin ‘Kelly Cut’ Hermes bag worth over $29,000.

Comparable sales during the first 17 weeks of the year fell 8%.

Wait until you see the footage.

The brand is moving quickly to replenish stock.

On Black Friday, Australia was ranked third in orders compared to over 135 countries and territories.

“The south-east economy has changed drastically since the laws were enacted."

"It is fascinating to see how much the Asian tourist impacts sales in central CBD locations."

"There is clear indication the Asian and Middle Eastern retail sectors are continuing to strengthen."

"We wanted to differentiate the shopping experience."

On this day, Australian and New Zealand shoppers will spend $236 million online.

And it will represent up to 60% of your annual turnover.

1.6 million Australian adults purchase this every four weeks.

"It's an example to our future industry leaders of what's possible on home soil."

"There was discussion regarding this for a long time so the team have been ready for it."

From $100k to $15mil in 10 years, this label continues to expand.