Global technology company Pitney Bowes has launched a new online shopping website,

The site allows Australian online shoppers access to over 250 various retailers and brands worldwide, while offering member deals and discounts.

These brands include Banana Republic, Barneys (pictured), J.Crew and Bloomingdales.

Preferred payment methods, language and currency converters also feature on each retailer site, with Borderfree providing express checkout.

Online tracking and multilingual customer service are also available.

Pitney Bowes eCommerce executive Lila Snyder said the platform allows local consumers to browse and shop numerous brands worldwide.

“The new encourages cross-border shoppers to try new brands."

A recent study by Pitney Bowes discovered that 86% of surveyed Australians have shopped cross-border in the last year.

Over the recent US Black Friday, Australia was ranked third in orders compared to over 135 countries and territories shopping US retailers.

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