Clothing, footwear and personal accessory retail turnover rose 3.1% in November, new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows. 

This increase follows a 0.8% decline in the sector's turnover in October 2019. 

Fuelled by the Black Friday sales, the ABS reports that department stores also experienced an increase of 3.4% in November while overall Australian retail turnover rose 0.9%.

ABS director of quarterly economy wide surveys Ben James said that the Black Friday sales delivered strong results for retailers. 

"We have seen strong growth in Black Friday sales, both in areas such as electrical goods and online sales, but also in areas such as clothing and furniture.

"While seasonal adjustment removes regular seasonal patterns associated with Black Friday based on prior results, the strong seasonally adjusted rises in a number of sub-groups this month shows that the impact of this Black Friday exceeded that of previous years," he said. 

Online retail contributed 7.1% to total retail turnover in November. In November 2018 online retail turnover contributed 6.6% to total retail. 

Geographically, South Australia witnessed the biggest increase (1.4%) followed by Queensland (1.2%), Victoria (1.1%), New South Wales (0.7%) and the Australian Capital Territory (0.7%), Western Australia (0.5%) and Tasmania (0.4%). The Northern Territory was the only region to experience a decline in November (-0.2%). 

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